"I am highly grateful and thankful to Dr Chopra and his staff who have helped me in seeing the world better. I wish him the best of luck and pray to the almighty to shower blessings on him."

Patient: Ms. Urvashi Kohli, 26 years
New Delhi
"I thought I had come only for the improvement of my vision (macular degeneration) - but besides my vision improving I was very happy with Dr Chopra and his batch of patients and shall miss our daily sermons and the hilarity."

Patient: Mr. Gautam Mukherjee, 69 years
"Dr Chopra's sharp needles have brought back sharpness in my vision. I am grateful to him."

Patient: Mr M.K. Suvrath Kumar, 27 years
"All of us come here
with a lot of expectations and hope for the best. Must say Dr Chopra
is doing an excellent job trying to help all RP patients. My sight has
improved a lot and I can definitely see better in the dark and my
vision in both eyes is now 20/20."

Patient: Mrs Kamala Raghunath, 44 years
Dear Doctor,
Today, I walked out of the office with a
sense of achievement. My strides were confident and my head/eyes
were rolling all over to see what in the world has been pulled into
my scope. With every passing day at your office the way I look at
the world is changing. Hearty smiles, interesting conversations,
acquaintances with great and sweet people makes me feel that my half
hour should pass slowly. Every day, my cousin asks why I walk out
with a smile on my face. I smile at him and keep moving.
As every one congratulates me for being
able to see better, I realize that this is your achievement and not
mine. I did nothing but sit and have fun while good music was being
played. Thanks for making my world brighter.
Thanks a lot.
Yours Truly,

Patient: Mr Kalyan Chakravarthy, 27 years