For the first time in years I was able to see my face when I was shaving"
"Dr Avnish Chopra has helped my vision
considerably in a matter of just one week. I have macular degeneration
and I never expected any improvement so this has been wonderful"

Patient: Mr. Noshir K. Irani, 79
Dear Sir,
Thanks for improving my vision and most importantly counseling me that R.P. is reversible.
Now there is no stopping me. I am confident of living a normal or near normal life.
God bless you,

My life was hell before coming to Dr. Chopra who is a Masiha for me. I never thought my eyesight could be improved like this. He has brought me in light out of darkness.
Before this I could not recognize the faces now I can easily- My vision has been improved like anything.
Thanks to Dr. Chopra.

Before coming there I never thought of this improvement. My aim was to just make the vision constant. Here I get great hope from Dr. Chopra and my vision has significantly improved.
Thanks to Dr. Chopra who done all this for me and special thanks to Lissy sister (Sorry, if misspelled ) who care me like a real elder sister.
Thanks to all.

I was very sceptical about the treatment before I came in but today after 8 days, I can say I am a very happy mother of my 10 year old daughter (with nystagmas and high myopia). She has certainly improved and I am sure she will be better still in the days to come.
The staff is also very cordial and provided us with a congenial environment for us to be able to pass these past 8 days very comfortably.
I thank you all for the same. May God bless you all and help you in contributing to serve the humanity.
With regards,

Mother of the patient
  04 Nov 2006