I am from Chennai having a mentally retarded son who is suffering from R.P. There was no hope of an any cure of this disease but Dr. Chopra gave me hope and I am thankful to him as he is given my son new life with his treatment. I am sure this is improving his vision and brain.

I wish to thank Dr. Chopra for being such a wonderful doctor. In addition to gaining some of my peripheral vision and an improvement in my night vision this treatment has been a rewarding experience in other ways as well. I have met lovely people and have thoroughly enjoyed chatting with doctor. I will come back for more!!

Charu   13 May 2006
Generally I do not like sharing my feelings with anyone. But since here I have been asked to write, I will say what I actually feel.
“This treatment has given me another reason to live” and I thank GOD and Dr. Chopra for this.
For me 27th Jan 2006 is unforgettable, just as the time spent here is unforgettable.

Dr. Avnish Chopra has helped my Vision considerably in a matter of just one week. I have macular degeneration & I never expected any improvement so this has been wonderful.

I am highly grateful and thankful to the doctor Mr. Chopra and his staff who has helped me in seeing the world better. I wish him best of luck and pray to the almighty to shower his blessing on him.