I thought I had come only for the improvement of my vision but besides my vision improving, I was very happy with Dr. Chopra and his batch of patients. Shall miss our daily sermons and the hilarity.

All of us come here with a lot of expectations and hope for the best. Must say Dr. Chopra is doing an excellent job trying to help all RP patients.
My sight has improved a lot and I can definitly see better in the dark after the treatment.

Dr. Chopra uncle’s sharp needles have brought back sharpness to my vision. I am grateful to him.

I felt almost 10% improvement in my overall vision after the treatment of eight days
May God bless Dr. Avnish Chopra

Balram   03 May 2006
It was great to know Dr. Avnish Chopra. I had good improvement and hoping to get better over the period of time.
Thanks for all your efforts and kindness.