My daughter is 2.5 years old. I previously thought that there's no other way to treat my child from LCA and it is true but after coming here I met many people and got many new treatments but Dr. Chopra's treatment is the good one and am hoping good and better vision for my child because am not able to recognize now but may be after exercise and stimulating I can get more idea. Apart from this Dr. Chopra is a really good and very friendly doctor. It has been a good experience and I will like to come here again till my daughter get her eye sight improved. I request Dr. Chopra to explore more and get new technique for this disease so that my child can see this lovely world.

Parul   02 Sep 2013
Before coming to the clinic I was not able to read properly with my right eye but now my vision has improved a lot after the treatment. So it was a very satisfying experience for me hope this happen to everyone who is coming here for the treatment. Dr. Chopra is doing a great job hope he will continue his good work and improve the vision of many more people coming to him for the treatment.

S.B. Khobragade   02 Sep 2013
Before coming to the clinic I thought I came the only person suffering from R.P. But after coming here I realised , I am not the only one. Dr. Chopra apart from being a good Doctor is a very very good human being. He has brought new and bright colors to my life.

Gurleen   02 Sep 2013
Suffering from a disease that has no cure is a very depressing condition. A lot of moral support is needed. At Dr. Chopra clinic not only there is hope that with th "Microsystem Accupuncture" therapy the degenerate would be controlled but also you feel the difference in your vision parameters. The hopes and aspiration with which we came here are being fulfilled. We feel relaxed that from now on our degeneration is contained to a large extent. Dr. Chopra ans his staff members are a source of comfort.

As everyone knows R.P.is incurible till date, but the treatment (Microsystem Accupunture) provided by Dr. Chopra. Slower down the detoriation rate. In my care apart from relaxed in eyes, It showed some noticeable changes. It was more brighter than earlier. I could feel the difference. Attending the session for 3 times, I realised that there won't be dramatic changes. But for people like us even little is better.

Swapnil Patil   14 Aug 2013